BBE FLC Japan Konapun Making Workshop for Family - 18 September 2011 Sunday

The Japanese Konapun Workshop attracted around 20 families on a bright Sunday morning! Organised by BBE’s Family Life Champion Good Man Club, family members made up of 2 generations put their nimble fingers to good use to make tiny miniatures of Japanese Spaghetti and Pudding.
It was a test of skill, creativity and endurance as both parents and children decorated their Konapun food-pieces with their imagination and innovativeness!
For many, it was their first time at a Japanese Konapun Workshop, and all took pride in their intricately colourful artwork. More cuisine-making, anyone?

This event was supported by Bukit Batok East GROs.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Japan Konapun Making Workshop for Family

By CLO Lianne & Eric Ng