BBE Nature View RC Make & Fly Your Own Kite - 2 October 2011 Sunday

The Nature View RC together with BBE Family Life Champion organized a successful ‘Make and Fly your Own Kite’ event on 2 October 2011 at the Marina Barrage. The weather was cooling when a bus-load full of enthusiastic participants reached the Barrage.
They kicked start the morning with the competition. Participants had to work in team of 2-4 to make and decorate a kite. After an hour, all participants proudly laid their kites at the foyer floor area for all to view. An outsider was invited to be the Judge to ensure fairness and the best three kites were chosen.
Participants were given lunch and each team was rewarded with a new kite that is ready to fly. The roof top of the Barrage was filled with laughter and lively chattering as kites were being flown in the clear blue sky.
The day ended with participants beaming with joy. All went home with different take-away like a kite designed by themselves, a new kite, fond memories and more…

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Make and Fly Your Own Kite

By Jasmine/ Ronnie & Eric