Nature View RC In the Mood Of Lunar New Year - 1 February 2013 Friday

The Lunar New Year is indeed approaching , we were at Nature View RC Center and it is bustling with activities. Residents came and experience the Lunar New Year mood at the RC Center and took pictures with the Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune). They walked away happily humming to the tone of Lunar New Year songs and the goodie-bags given out by Cai Shen Ye, hoping that the new Lunar New Year will be full of abundance, health and wealth.
When we interviewed ‘Cai Shen Ye’ on the general reception of the residents, he replied, ‘This place has so much joy and happiness, I am really pleased to be in the midst of the residents and certainly enjoying every moment with them, huat ah!’
What’s more? Residents took charge of their health by participating in the weekly BMI and blood pressure checks. That’s not all! They were also introduced to the other events to be held in the coming weeks and months organized by Bukit Batok East, Nature View RC.
If you have missed out the last one, fret not as we will invite Cai Shen Ye once again, making one more encore performance this Friday – 8th February 2013 at Bukit Batok East, Nature View RC Center. It is just so popular and such memories can be captured in a photograph. Why wait? Come on down to Bukit Batok East, Nature View RC Center, make sure you don’t miss it this time.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Meet Up Cai Shen Ye Day 3

By Li Jiongshen & Eric