The 7th Run for the Volunteer Induction Program (VIP) - 1st June 2013 (Sat)

The 7th Run for the Volunteer Induction Program (VIP) was successfully held on 1st June 2013  at Bukit Batok East Community Club Conference Room.

Started in November 2010 Volunteer Induction Programme in short VIP was initiated under the Community Lead Champion (CLC) division in Bukit Batok East (BBE) Community Club (CC). Taking place every quarterly, the aim for the VIP programme is to provide an orientation workshop for newly joined volunteers in BBE. During this programme, volunteers can experience a theoretical and practical workshop trained by BBE’s experienced Grassroots leaders. 

A whole 4 to 6 hours program allow volunteers to learn about BBE Constituency’s committees, history, structure and most importantly, PA’s mission in building an bridging communities in achieving One People, One Singapore. 

After the orientation, VIPs are given the opportunity to observe how their fellow Grassroots Leaders plan and execute their events, thus, picking up necessary basic skills and traits along the way. While the VIPs are “learning the trade”, it aids relevant Chairman and Staff to identify potential Grassroot Leaders. This is also a valuable opportunity to discover hidden talents who are able to contribute to the various committees with their expertise-know-how.

Interested residents who wish to volunteer with us may contact our CC at 6565 9330 for more information.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
The 7th Run for the Volunteer Induction Program (VIP)

By Eric and Shuh Vin