BBE RECYCLING WEEK - 11 June 2011 Saturday

In conjunction with the World Environment Day, Recycling Week was held at BBE Point on 11th June to spread the the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) message to all residents in BBE. The event is a collaborative effort with the BBE grassroots organisation, NEA, the Public Waste Collectors and various partners from the people, private and public sectors to raise awareness and educate residents on recycling. We like to thank all the residents who supported the recycling efforts by competing in the recycling contests as well as bringing their household recycled items to the Cash for Trash Booth!

Each and every one of us should play our part in practicing the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Only then can we create a sustainable and pleasant living environment for Singaporeans to live in. Let us make the 3Rs a part of our lives.

The “BE R.I.C.H” (Recycling Initiatives for Community & Households) Programme takes place till 18 September 2011, EVERY SUNDAY.
Please bring down your recycled items (aluminium cans, old clothing, paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles) to the CASH FOR TRASH STATION
@Blk 276 Bukit Batok East Ave 4 (7.30am to 1pm, every SUNDAY)

R.I.C.H participants with the highest accumulated weight of recyclables will win attractive prizes!

Plesae click the below link to view the photos:
BBE World Recycle Day 2011

By CLO Lianne & Eric