CLC VIP Bonding - 10 June 2011 Friday

Enthusiastic inductees from the Community Lead Champion’s Volunteer Induction Programme came together on 10th June and enjoyed a barbeque cook-out!

It was a night filled with fun, laughter and bbq chicken-smeared faces as our VIPs interacted and bonded with one another. It’s been almost 8 months since the Volunteer Induction Programme was launched, and two successful teams of VIP members were born.

Mentored by experienced Grassroots Leaders, the new volunteers undertook an in-house training programme tailored for them to embark on grassroots events on an attachment basis. While volunteering at events, it is also an opportunity for them to build up their confidence, and to identify their individual talents. Potential volunteers will move on as BBE Grassroots Leaders. BBE will like to take the opportunity to thank all our new volunteers for all their hard work and commitment, and BEST WISHES as you move on to other committees!

VIP 3 will commence on 9th July (2pm-5pm) and 17th July (10am-1pm), 2011.

Public who are interested and will like to find out more can contact our Constituency Manager, Miss Lianne Seah, at 65619044, or email ( by Friday 24 June 2011. Thank you!

Plesae click the below link to view the photos:
CLC VIP Bonding

By CLO Lianne & Eric