Jade Valley and Hoover Park NCs 1 day CNY Shopping Tour on 22nd Jan 2011, Saturday

Bukit Batok East Jade Valley and Hoover Park NCs have successfully organised their 1st 1 day CNY Shopping tour on 22nd Jan 2011, Sat from 8am-5pm. More than 50 residents have signed up for the tour. The residents had gathered at the pickup point at 7.45am respectively and had departed for breakfast at famous Roti Prata Stall at Jalan Kayu. After breakfast, the next stop is Woodland Terrace’s multi-storey carpark and also street of factories like Xiang Wei Pork Slice, Fassler, Melvados and etc.2nd stop is Chinatown for Dried goodies and chun lian, 3rd stop is Jurong Fishery Centre for frozen seafood which is good for reunion dinner like steamboat.Last destination is nursery at Chua Chu Kang. All of the participants are happy and look forward to participate similar event next year.

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CNY Shopping Tour

By Michelle & Eric

2011 Hongbao Presentation - 16 January 2011 Sunday

The sweet smell of oranges filled the air as BBE’s grassroots leaders bustled around the hall happily, packing oranges for 1020 senior citizens for the much-awaited Hong Bao Presentation. It was definitely a joyous occasion as our Guest-of-Honour,Mdm Halimah Yacob, MP for Jurong GRC & Adviser to Jurong GRC GROs, greeted each and every senior citizen with a bag of oranges and hongbao for the New Year.
All 1020 recipients were also in for a special treat of an additional $10 NTUC Voucher this year, generously funded by BBE CCC’s CDWF (Community Development Welfare Fund).

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BBE Hong Bao Presentation 2011

By CLO Lianne & Eric

The Shining Stars of BBE - 16 January 2011 Sunday

BBE paid tribute to more than 500 bright students for achieving good grades throughout the year. It was a great start to the New Year as our grinning scholars shook hands proudly with Our Gues-of-Honour, Mdm Halimah Yacob on stage and received their awards.

This year, 252 students were awarded the Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) Scholarship, 211 students for EMB Bursary, and 84 students for the CCC Bursary. All photos taken with Mdm Halimah can be downloaded at bukitbatokeast.blogspot.com.

BBE Grassroots leaders were in high spirits even as the day comes to an end.Seeing the radiant smiles of their fellow residents and neighbours was their greatest reward. BBE hereby wishes all our friends a happy and prosperous New Year!

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BBE Edusave Merit Bursary & Schlarship 2011

BBE CCC Bursary 2011

By CLO Lianne & Eric

Bukit Timah Tua Pek Gong Temple Hong Bao Presentation - 18 January 2011 Tuesday

Every year, Bukit Timah Tua Pek Gong Committee gives out hongbaos to the elderly Bukit Batok East residents as a gesture to contribute back to the local community. Madam Halimah, MP for Jurong GRC & Adviser to Jurong GRC GROs was invited on Tuesday 18 January 2011 as the Guest of Honour to present hongbaos to more than 500 elderly residents to celebrate the Chinese New Year. She greeted all our elderly residents who were present with good health and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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Bt Timah Tua Bek Kong Hong Bao Presentation

By CLO Lianne & Eric

BBE Youths Lending A Helping Hand to Elderly Resident- 15 January 2011 Saturday

It was a heart-warming moment as the Bukit Batok East Youth Executive Committee put their hands together to help clean and paint Mdm Lim Kim Keow’s flat at Blk 272 #02-64 on 15 January. Mdm Lim is getting on in years and unable to clean the flat on her own. After learning about this, the YEC pulled their resources together and with the help of BBE supportive GRLs, they painted the flat to give it a brand new look to welcome the New Year. It was all smiles when Mdm Halimah came to visit Mdm Lim and her newly painted home the next day. Mdm Halimah also presented the low-income family with a food-pack as they chatted and admired the paintwork happily. With the radiant paintwork and positive change, the YEC is happy that they could play a part in bringing warmth to Mdm Lim and her family for this Chinese New Year!

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BBE Youths Lending A helping Hand

By CLO Lianne & Eric Ng

Be part of PA “Home” contest!

Home” is about Family, Friends, Neighbours and COMMUNITY. We want to know what “Home” means to you and your thoughts on PA’s Community 2015 Masterplan:

i. Making friends, promoting neighbourliness – Why Friends and Neighbours Matter;
ii. Connecting youth and community – Young Singaporeans and the Community As One; or
iii. Building an active community – Our Community, My Responsibility.

Share your thoughts by participating in the PA Home Video Contest within the Make Your Own “Home” Video Contest.

Share as many of your ideas in as many entries as you want and stand a chance to win prizes in the PA Contest, in addition to the Total Defence 2011 contest!

Please click the link to find out more :
Make Your Own HOME Video Contest

By Eric Ng

The Tampines Town Hub CC, Singapore’s First and the largest Mega Town Hub with an Integrated Lifestyle Destination- 21 January 2011 Friday

Built for the residents of Tampines, the town hub will provide a community space where residents can gather, interact and bond with others from the community.

Located in the heart of Tampines town, the first integrated lifestyle destination in the Singapore heartlands will bring retail, sports, as well as other community and civil services together under one roof.

Catering to every interest, it will be key in providing residents with the best facilities and vibrant environment for active community living.

Facilities available will include a Community Club, Sports and Recreational Centre, performing arts theatre, public library, bowling alleys, laser tag areas, fun pools, jamming studios, karaoke rooms, as well as configurable grounds for flea markets, soccer and concerts.

By Eric Ng

Jurong GRC Citizenship Ceremony Presentation - 8 January 2011 Saturday

Congratulations to our new citizens who received their Singapore Citizenship on 8 January 2011. Minister,Prime Minister's Office & MP for Jurong GRC, Minister Lim Boon Heng was the Guest-of-Honour and he presented the pink identity cards to the new citizens.
Grassroot leaders and management staff of Jurong GRC were also present to celebrate this special occasion with them.

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General Photos


By Yew Bee & Eric

BBE Pongal 2011 - 29 January 2011 Saturday

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by the Tamil community.
Pongal means the "boiling over" of milk and rice during the month of Thai, symbolising prosperity.

For more information , please click the poster to find out more.

By Sida & Eric

GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY - 13 January 2011 Thursday Lianhe Wan Bao

At 8 January’s Citizenship Ceremony, Dr Zhu Yong Qing, Member of Nature View RC was interviewed by Lianhe Wanbao for her active participation and commitment as a Grassroot Leader. Being a new citizen, Dr Zhu believes that her participation in community activities has helped her integrate comfortably in the society. It was through this experience that made her decide to join Nature View RC to continue to help in community events which can encourage good interaction and bonding between the new citizens and locals. By immersing herself into the grassroots culture, Dr Zhu gives back to the community by helping other new citizens integrate themselves!

For more of her story, please click the Chinese news article above.

By Lianne & Eric

Congratulation to BBE Nature View RC Football Interest Group for Winning the South West District Communty Integration Award - 6 January 2011 Thursday

Congratulation to our Bukit Batok East Nature View RC Football Interest Group(FIG) for winning the South West District Community Integration Award. The Chairman of the BBE Nature View RC Mr Ronnie Tan, PBM received the award from Dr Amy Khor, Mayor of SWCDC during the Award Presentation held on last Thursday, 06 January 2011 at Chevron.

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SWCDC Community Engagement Night

By Eric Ng

BBE Family Paper Airplane Making Workshop cum Competition - 2 January 2011 Sunday

Congratulation to our 1st GRO community event, FAMILY PAPER AIRPLANE MAKING WORKSHOP CUM COMPETITION dated 2 Jan 2011, Sunday, 9am. This event was spearheaded by our new volunteers from Volunteer Induction Programme, VIP in short and were supported by Bukit Batok East CCC Family Life Champion (FLC), Integration & Neutralisation Champion (INC) & Community Lead Champion (CLC). CLC had took this event to groom our new volunteers from the VIP and was mentor by our Key Grassroots Leaders. The target residents for this event was multi-racial families from local and new immigrants of Bukit Batok East. This event promotes family bonding and a networking opportunity between local and new immigrants. There were up to 30 families participated and the workshop was lead by Mr Sim Kwang Hwee, Assistant Secretary of Bukit Batok East CCMC and Champion Leader of New Media.Is our pleasure to have Mdm Halimah Yacob, MP of Jurong GRC and Adviser for Jurong GRC and GROs to be the Guest of Honour.

On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to thank all participants, GRO Committees and key grassroots leaders for their support.

Please click the link below to view the photos:
BBE Family Airplane Workshop cum Competition

By Michelle & Eric

BBE Count Down Under The Star - 31 December 2010 Friday

More than 3,000 residents gathered at the U-square to celebrate the final moments of Year 2010 and to usher in 2011. Residents arrived at the venue in anticipation of the night’s variety performance and a time to connect with friends and family. Mdm Halimah Yacob, MP of Jurong GRC and Adviser for Jurong GRC and GROs also joined in the fun with the residents, interacting among the old and young.

Throughout the night leading to 24:00hrs, residents were entertained by the stage performance and hourly lucky draws. Fireworks display ignited in the skies above U-square at 24.00hrs and all were thrilled to have a grand beginning into a new year.


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BBE Count Down Under The Star

By Yew Bee & Eric