BBE Toh Guan View RC Multi-Racial Lantern Nite - 3 September 2011 Saturday

The Multi-Racial Lantern Nite organised by Toh Guan View RC hopes to celebrate this traditional festival with the residents. The RC had included traditional Lion Dance, lantern procession around the estate, games/riddles in the programme. The highlight of the evening was Fire Eating performance. Grassroots Adviser, Mdm Halimah Yacob, Minister of State, MCYS also join in the celebration. The Committee would like to convey appreciation to some 300 residents of all races who attended.

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TGV Multi-Racial Lantern Nite

By Chow & Kwang Hwee

BBE Hari Raya Appreciation Gathering - 10 September 2011 Saturday

Madam Halimah hosted a wonderful Hari Raya Gathering on 10 Sep 2011. She expressed her appreciation to all community partners, volunteers, patrons & grassroots leaders for the good work done in community development. In her address, she encouraged all parties to work harder and strive to further the good work to make Bukit Batok East a great home for all our residents.

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Appreciation Dinner

By Alvin & Eric.

Congratulation to our National Day Awards' Recipent

Bukit Batok East congratulates Mr Lee Chuen Fei & Ms Serina Tan Bee Leng for being confirmed this year National Day Award by the President of Singapore.

By Eric Ng

BBE Senior Citizen's Karaoke Competition - 18 September 2011 Sunday

It was an intense karaoke competition as 45 contestants pitted their singing skills with one another. The audience were treated to a fantastic night of entertainment as the singers put up their best performance.

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SC Karaoke Competition

By Yew Bee & Eric

BBE FLC Japan Konapun Making Workshop for Family - 18 September 2011 Sunday

The Japanese Konapun Workshop attracted around 20 families on a bright Sunday morning! Organised by BBE’s Family Life Champion Good Man Club, family members made up of 2 generations put their nimble fingers to good use to make tiny miniatures of Japanese Spaghetti and Pudding.
It was a test of skill, creativity and endurance as both parents and children decorated their Konapun food-pieces with their imagination and innovativeness!
For many, it was their first time at a Japanese Konapun Workshop, and all took pride in their intricately colourful artwork. More cuisine-making, anyone?

This event was supported by Bukit Batok East GROs.

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Japan Konapun Making Workshop for Family

By CLO Lianne & Eric Ng

BBE Nature View RC Lantern Festival Celebration - 12 September 2011 Monday

More than 250 residents and their family turn up for the Lantern Festival Celebration which organised by Nature View RC on 12 September 2011 (Mon) . Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for reunion whereby family and friends will come together to enjoy mooncakes and tea while viewing the bright full moon. The Residents have a night of fun thereby strengthening neighbourly ties and family bonding.

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NVRC Lantern Festival Celebration

By Ronnie & Eric

National Citizenship Ceremony - 04 September 2011 Sunday

Congratulations to our 214 new citizens who received their Singapore Citizenship!
Mr David Ong, BBM, Adviser to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations and MP for Jurong GRC was the Guest-of-Honour and he presented the pink identity cards to the new citizens.
Grassroot leaders and management staff of Jurong GRC and Yuhua SMC were also present to celebrate this special occasion with them.

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Citizenship General photos

Citizenship Recipents Photos

By Yew Bee & Eric

BBE Emergency Preparedness Day 2011 - 04 September 2011 Sunday

Bukit Batok East Community Emergency And Engagement Committee (C2E) together with SCDF / NPC and NEA organised the Emergency Preparedness Day 2011 on 4 September 2011 (Sun) at the U Square.

The Objective of the event was to remind residents the important of emergency preparedness, to test up the EP plan for the Constituency and to drill their CERT members as well as their Volunteers

Bukit Batok East C2E regularly organised training programme to train volunteers on basic skills like general knowledge, first aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Fire Safety. Together we work with the SCDF & NPC to organise the Emergency Preparedness Day.

The Guest-of-Honor for the day was Advisor for the Grassroots Organisation, Mdm Halimah Yacob, Minister of State for MCYS and MP for Jurong GRC

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BBE EP Day 2011

By Eric Ng