BBE Zone 2 RC Lunar New Year Celebration - 26 January 2013 - Saturday

On 26 Jan 2013, Bukit Batok East Zone 2 RC organised Celebrate Spring in Full Bloom event. Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob together with key grassroots leaders were also present. With Lunar New Year just round the corner, this multi-racial event was held with the objectives of engaging and bonding residents from all walks of life. This includes our Zone’s needy, elderly, students, parents and new immigrants alike who were all treated to Chinese calligraphy booths, a special appearance by BBE’s renowned ‘God of Fortune’ as well as sumptuous buffet spread to fill their evening. A sharing session was also held where our students were gathered together to mingle around and share their ideas and aspirations with one another.

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Z2 RC CNY Celebration
Z2 RC CNY Photo

By Lutfi & Eric

BBE Progress Class Cerificate Presentation 2013 - 13 January 2013 Sunday

On 13 Jan 2013, Bukit Batok East CC MAEC organised Bukit Batok East Progress Class Certificate Presentation 2013. It was held in recognition of the Progress Class’s top 5 PSLE students for 2012 and the contributions of its mentors as well as CLF participants over the past year. Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob was the GOH and key grassroots leaders were also present. It was a happy occasion as participants were seen mingling and interacting happily with Adviser, grassroots leaders and residents.

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Progress Class Certificate Presentation 2013

By Lutfi & Eric

BBE NVRC Meet Up With Cai Shen Ye Day 2 - 25 January 2013 Friday

Cai Shen Ye came down to Bukit Batok East, Nature View RC again! This time, he meets more residents from all walks of life and also being welcomed.
Taking pictures with Cai Shen Ye, and have their pictures sent to them, Cai Shen Ye gave out all the goodie-bags and the RC members and volunteers are there to introduce their up-coming activities such as the weekly BMI health checks , birthday gift project, monthly health Talk etc. So what are you waiting for?
Due to popular demand, Cai Shen Ye will come down again this week, 1st Feb 2013 (Friday) from 8pm-10pm to Nature View RC Centre with more goodie-bags and to spread the joy and wealth to the residents.

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Meet up with Cai Shen Ye 2

By Li Jiongshen & Eric

BBE NVRC Meet Up With Cai Shen Ye - 18 January 2013 Friday

To usher in the Lunar Year of the Snake, residents of Nature View welcomed Cai Shen Ye to their estate on 18th January 2013 to spread the joy and prosperity with the residents.
Residents enjoyed mingling and taking photos for memento. Nature View RC Centre was in celebratory mode on last Friday, with traditional Lunar New Year songs playing in the background. Fortune goodies bag were distributed to the residents. It is certainly a joyous occasion to behold.
Besides taking photos with the Cai Shen Ye, residents are also being notified of the upcoming events such as the weekly BMI Check, Birthday celebration with RC, monthly healthy talk / demo etc by our RC members.
In case you have missed the opportunity last Friday, fret not, as Cai Shen Ye will be coming to Nature View Residents’ Committee Centre again on 25th Jan, 1st Feb and 8th Feb 2013 from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. Do come down to have fun and enjoy the mood of Lunar New Year with our other residents.

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Meet Up With Cai Shen Ye

By Li Jiongshen & Eric

Interview On The House Speaker - Halimah Yacob - 23 Janauary 2013 Wednesday

No appointment of Speaker of Parliament has generated so much interest than that of Mdm Halimah Yacob, Singapores first woman Speaker of the House. Channel NewsAsia finds out about her unfinished business at the Ministry of Social and Family Development, her role as politician and mother of five,
View the full story on Channel News Asia tonight @ 9.30 pm.
The House Speaker - Halimah Yacob
Episode 1

By BBE NMC & Eric

Edusave Scholarship / Bursary / Good Progress Award / Eagle / Character and Bukit Batok East CCC Bursary - 19 & 20 January 2013

Bukit Batok East organised the Edusave Award Presentations over the weekend (19 & 20 Jan 2013) with 4 ceremonies to cater to the large number of outstanding BBE students . Mdm Halimah Yacob congratulated and shared with fellow BBE students on the importance of education and also the development of character and values. In addition, she also thanked all parents for their dedication to their children education and reminded the students of the sacrifices their parents made.

In total Mdm Halimah presented 1,532 awards to the students.

Scholarship – 369
EMB - 221
Good Progress Award (GPA) - 519
EAGLE - 369
Character - 54

Bukit Batok East CCC also issued 82 local bursary to our needy students by Mdm Halimah Yacob.

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19 Jan 13

20 Jan 13 1pm

20 Jan 13 4pm

By Alvin & Eric

Hongbao Presentation to Bukit Batok East Needy Elderly - 20 January 2013 (Sunday)

Mdm Halimah Yacob presented some 2,000 Hongbao to Bukit Batok East elderly and needy residents who are aged 60 and above. She visited both Bukit Batok East CC and Toh Guan Park this morning (20 Jan 2013) giving out the red packets to our elderly residents. She wished all our elder residents good health and happy Chinese New Year ahead.

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Hong Bao 2013 - BBE

Hong Bao 2013 - TG

By Alvin & Eric

Healthy Together @ BBE Nature View RC - 13 January 2013 Sunday

To encourage residents to stay healthy and active ,a Programme "Healthy Together @ Nature View" was launched today by Mdm Halimah Yacob , Grassroots Adviser for Jurong GRC ,MOS for MSF and Mr Ang Hak Seng, CEO for Health Promotion Board (HPB).
Through this programme, healthy events such as weekly Body Mass Index(BMI)check , monthly Heath talk / cooking demonstration will be organised for residents. Health related interest group such as Taichi , 312 meridian exercise etc are also formed to encourage residents to stay active and healthy.
Residents staying in Nature View zone are looking forward to take part in these meaningful and interesting event.

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Healthy Together@Nature View

By Hui Ting & Eric


By BBE NMC & Eric

BBE Countdown 2013 - 31 December 2012 Monday

More than 2,000 Bukit Batok East residents gathered at U square on 31 Dec 2012 to usher in the new year. There was plenty of excitement at the Countdown party, from PS3 and Xbox games stalls, Uncle Ringo Inflatable Tower to Variety Show. It was a carnival with something for everyone.

While the occasional showers did cause some inconvenience to the residents, that did not stop the residents from attending the event and having fun. Residents were asked to pen their well wishes for the new year on the balloons. At the stroke of midnight, Grassroots Advisor Mdm Halimah Yacob, together with the Grassroots Leaders and residents, released these balloons into the air.

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Count Down 2013

By Richard & Eric

Bukit Batok East CDC/CCC Bursary (University, Poly) Presentation - 3 January 2013 Thursday

Grassroots Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob attended the Bukit Batok East CDC/CCC Bursary (University, Poly) presentation with some 50 students and family on Thursday, 03 January 2013 at Bukit Batok East CC Hall. She emphasize on the important of education which helps them to understand the important of contribution to the society after entering to the working place. She also emphasize on the hard work parents went through in order to provide their children a good education level.

She congratulated the students on their achievements and encouraged all the recipients to apply the same efforts and commitment in their academic pursuits and look forward to seeing them at the presentation next year.

The ceremony proceed on with a talk on “Conditioning The Mind For Success” by Mr Mohd Noor Mohd Said, Director , Human Resource Jamiyah Singapore, Former Head of Productivity & Youth Depts, NTUC,Former MESRA Chairman, People’s Association.

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CCC CDC Bursary Presentation

By Alan & Eric

Martial Arts Night -16 Dec 12 Sunday

The audience are thrilled as the performers range from various age groups; they include children as young as 5 years old, youth and seniors. It was exhilarating as some groups did live combat fighting as well. Besides martial arts performance, there were also calligraphy masters who did painting and calligraphy for the residents and a senior dance performer who wowed the audience with her elegant and agile movements.

Audience found it a refreshing experience as it is the first Martial Arts Night by Zone 3 RC

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Martial Arts Night

By Michelle & Eric

BBE Monthly Online Quiz - January 2013

Answer a simple question and you will stand a chance to win a S$20 NTUC voucher and a special pizza cutter!!

This quiz is open to all Bukit Batok East residents only. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Winners will be notified by post.

By BBE NMC & Eric Ng

BBE Celebrates The Christmas -22 December 2012 Saturday ..

Bukit Batok East Grassroots Organisations celebrates the Christmas with the local communities on 22 Dec 2012. Grassroots Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob graced the celebrations with residents at Bukit Batok East Zone 1 & 2 RCs and Toh Guan View RC estates. She is also being invited to Southaven II Condo Christmas Party on the same evening.

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Christmas Celebration

By Alvin & Eric

Health Screening for BBE Senior - 16 December 2012 Sunday

The participants started to stream into Bukit Batok East Hall 1 early Sunday morning at 8am for their health screening.
Although it was before the stipulated time, our health screening provider was able to start the screening early which meant a lot to our participants who have been fasting the day before.

Through health screenings, our seniors have a better knowledge of their health condition and can have them treated at an earlier stage if they are at risk, increasing their chances of recovery.

The health screening comprises measurement of body mass index ( BMI ), blood pressure (BP), Osteoporosis self assessment, fasting venous blood glucose and tests for Lipid Disorders.

After the screening, seniors were treated to a healthy refreshment to break the fast.

The programme follows up with a detailed individual health report with recommendation of GP for seniors whose conditions put them at risk. At the same time, the health screening aims to help those without risk conditions to maintain their good health.

This event is organised by Bukit Batok East Active Ageing Committee with full support from the GROs.

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Health Screening for Senior

by Chris & Eric