BBE EP Day 2012 - 21 October 2012 Sunday

Grassroots Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob graced the EP Day at Toh Guan View on 21 Oct 2012. It was a highly-spirited event and residents were happy to be engaged with the external agencies, which includes SCDF, NPC, Singapore Custom, NEA and etc. Local community such as student care and secondary school are also roped in to promote the importance of emergency preparedness and racial harmony. This event strengthens the understanding and ties between people of different races and religions, and builds up community’s skills and knowledge in coping with emergencies. It also helped to prepare residents on how to respond effectively to an emergency.

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BBE EP Day 2012

By Shuh Vin & Eric

TCM Health Talk - 20 October 2012 Saturday

200 seniors attended the TCM health talk where they understood more about the various digestive issues that may occur and preventive ways that they can adopt to take care of themselves.

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TCM Health Talk

By Michelle & Eric

BBE Metro For Vision - 14 October 2012 Sunday

Metro (Private) Limited , our kind sponsor has generously offered free Presbyopia nonprescription over-the-counter reading glasses to our seniors 50 years old and above.

Presbyopia simply means you’re having trouble reading things up close.

On 14/10/2012 morning, 224 senior residents turned up at Bukit Batok East CC to get their free reading glasses,organised by Bukit Batok East Active Ageing Committee. With the help of the volunteers, the seniors were orderly channelled to the experienced Metro's staff to try out their free reading glasses. After today, reading has definitely become clearer for our seniors. Cheers !

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BBE Metro For Vision

By Chris & Eric

CDC/CCC Bursary Presentation - 11 October 2012 Thursday

Grassroots Adviser Mdm Halimah Yacob attended the Bukit Batok East CDC/CCC Bursary (Scholarship, University, Poly,) presentation with some 80 students and family on Thursday, 11 October 2012 at Bukit Batok East CC Hall. She emphasize on the important of education which helps them to understand the important of contribution to the society after entering to the working place.

She congratulated the students on their achievements and encouraged all the recipients to apply the same efforts and commitment in their academic pursuits and look forward to seeing them at the presentation next year.

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BBe CDC CCC Busary

By Alan & Eric

Mid Autumn Night With Family - 30 September 2012 Sunday

More than 300 residents and their family turned up for the Mid-Autumn celebration organised by Nature View RC on 30 September 2012. It is a great time for gathering where family and community bonding can be further strengthened. Overall, it was a fun-filled night with games and performances.

Mdm Halimah Yacob, Grassroots' Adviser was the Guest-of-Honour for the event.

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Mid Autumn Night with Family

By Hui Ting & Eric

We Had Won This Year's PA Humorous Speech Challenge ...

BBE would like to congratulate Mr Srinivasan S.K , our BBE CC IAEC Vice-Chairman who won himeself the Champion in this year's 9th PA Humorous Speech Challenge Contest 2012.

Well done Mr Srinivasan and we are so proud of you.

By Eric Ng

BBE Kampong Night - 7 October 2012 Satuday

Kampong Night brought back memories of the good old days where we enjoyed tikam tikam, kacang putih, hopscotch, chapteh and five stones. Residents munched on the snacks and played at the various game booths put up by our volunteers. The night wrapped up with hilarious stage entertainment.

We look forward to organising an even better kampong night in 2013. Thanks for your support!

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Kampong Nite 2012

By Michelle & Eric

Senior Citizens' Karaoke Singing Competition - 7 Oct 2012 Sunday

50 contestants battled with their strong vocals in the competition. With their strong stage presence and beautiful costumes, they have won loud cheers from their supporters.

At the end of the contest, Mdm Halimah presented the trophies to the winners

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SC Karaoke Competition

By Michelle & Eric

Gardens by the Bay - 23/9/2012 Sunday

13 buses carrying 530 participants, including the volunteers arrived early in the morning to Singapore's latest attraction, Gardens by the Bay.

The morning silence of the picturesque landscape Gardens was suddenly brought to life by the laughter and chattering of our happy seniors.

This is the first outing organised by Bukit Batok East Active Ageing Committee with full support from the Grassroots Organisations to encourage and promote active ageing as a way of life to our seniors who are 50 years old and above.

Embracing the spirit of ageing actively, groups of seniors from participating GROs cheered and waved their hands in the air for a fun group photo with our Active Ageing banner that shouted out "Active Ageing, Enjoy Life". After the hyped photograph session, it was time for a free and easy educational tour at the 2 cooled observatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Mdm Judy Leong excitedly gathered her group and leisurely made their way for the observatories tour. At 71 years old, she exudes a glow of health and vibrancy of a "younger" older person.

At noon, the active agers bid farewell to the Gardens and departed for a restaurant lunch session at the Civil Service Club. Welcoming them was a healthy hearty meal and an invigorating speech by our Active Ageing Chairman , Mr Lee Kwok Chow, PBM on ageing gracefully and actively.

It was a fun day of forging stronger community bonding with our seniors in staying active, connected and engaged

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Garden by the Bay

By Chris & Eric

Winner for the BBE NMC Online Quiz (September)

The Organising Committee would like to Congratulate the following lucky winner who win himself a S$20/- NTUC voucher and a special designed photo frame for the above mentioned Quiz:

Ong Zhi En(SXXXX767J)

Kindly collect your prizes at Bukit Batok East CC with the Notification letter that the Organising Committee will be sending to your email.

Once again the Organising Committee would like to thank all residents for the support and look forward to received your submission for the October issue.

Please click the below link for the October issue :
Online Quiz - October

By BBE NMC & Eric

Hoover Park NC Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration -

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for reunion whereby family and friends will come together to enjoy mooncakes and tea while viewing the bright full moon.

In spirit of this festival, Hoover Park NC has successfully organized Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration for their residents on 29 September 2012.
More than 150 residents and their family turn up they had a night of fun thereby strengthening neighbourly ties and family bonding.

Please click the link below to
Hoover Park NC Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

By Shuh Vin & Eric

BBE Jobs On Wheets - 16 September 2012 Sunday

Job fair on wheels targeted at women which launches by NTUC to help women find work attracted about 100 over women coming by Bukit Batok East CC on 16 September morning to register.
On this job fair, NTUC bring at least 500 job opportunities to women job seekers staying in Bukit Batok East.
The job fair helps women who wanted to return back to the working environment to fit them into the jobs which they prefer and need.
The Job fair was organized by NTUC and support by BBECC WEC.

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Jobs On Wheels

By Alan & Eric

One Community , One Voice - 10 November 2012 Saturday

Calling all Singing enthusiast to join us on 10 November 2012 at the open field @ Jurong East to sing and have fun with more than 3000 residents from Jurong GRC & Yuhua SMC. Residents may make their enquire to

By BBE NMC & Eric

BBE Monthly Online Quiz - October 2012

Answer a simple question and you will stand a chance to win a S$20 NTUC voucher and a special designed touch light !!

This quiz is open to all Bukit Batok East residents only. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Winners will be notified by post.

All BBE Passion card members who participate in the quiz gets a chance to win an Ipad in our PAssion quaterly draw which will be held in Oct 2012 !

By BBE NMC & Eric Ng