BBE Chinese New Year Family Singing Video Contest

Form a team of 3 family members from 2 Generations and make a video of 2-3 minutes showing the team singing a Chinese New Year song, You could stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

Click the below link to find out more of the contest Rules & Regulation:
CNY Family Singing Video Contest Rules & Regulation

Click the below link to download the contest application form:
CNY Family Singing Video Contest Application Form

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By Eric Ng

Congratulations to our Lucky Winner for the Facebook Monthly Photo Contest ( September 2011)

To acknowledge the active support of our facebook friends, Bukit Batok East New Media Champion organised a monthly mini photo contest for all friends.

Friends are welcomed to post your photos taken during our community events to our facebook page.

Starting from September, a monthly winner will be picked and awarded with a small gift from BBE NMC.

A Grand Contest will also be organised on September 2012 for the monthly winners (12 winners)

The Organising Committee would like to congratulate the following lucky winner (September 2011) for the above mentioned event:

Ms Amy Quak (We will inform you on your collection of your prizes through email)

The organizing committee would like to thank all the facebook friends for their support for the photo contest. So please do contiune to post your event photos now and you might be the next lucky winner.

By Eric Ng

BBE Healthier Cooking Workshop for Family - 30 October 2011 Sunday

The “Healthier-Cooking Workshop ” attracted an overwhelming 35 families who were keen to learn valuable cooking tips on how to prepare healthier dishes for the family!
Our enthusiastic participants cooked braised mee sua with shredded chicken, cold beancurd with braised kinoko and French beans with walnut. Organised by Family Life Champion and Health Promotion Board , the workshop aimed at promoting nutritional cooking to families while parents can take the opportunity to bond with their children. It was great fun as everybody cooked up a great healthy meal!
This project was supported by Bukit Batok East Grassroot's Organisation.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Healthier Cooking Workshop for Family

By CLO Lianne & Eric

Volunteer Needed.......

Please click the below link to download the Health & Family Volunteer Application Form:
Health & Family Volunteer Form

You may also approach our CC's counter for the Application Form and this poster are QR Code enable..

By Eric Ng

HAPPY DEEPAVALI - 26 October 2011 Wednesday

Deepavali is a festival of lights. Deepavali is the biggest festival celebrated in the Hindu calendar. Deepavali is a time of joy, happiness and a time to come together.

Bukit Batok East wishing all Hindu a HAPPY DEEPAVALI

By Eric Ng

Bukit Batok East Nature View RC Floor Party - 23 October 2011 Sunday

To promote neighbourliness and kampong spirit, Nature View RC organised a floor party for the residents to interact with each other. On 23 October 2011, the floor party was organised at Blk 288E . More than 80 residents ,RC members as well as Bukit Batok East Grassroots' Leader, took part in this meaningful party. The Orgainsing Committe thank all residents for the strong support and look forward to their continuous support for their future events.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
NVRC Floor Party (Facebook)

NVRC Floor Party (Photobucket)

By Ronnie Tan & Eric Ng

Bukit Batok East Charity Dinner - 11 October 2011 Tuesday

It was a night of simple dinner with a western set up and a 2 piece band. The Organising Committee borrowed the Harry Potter’s dining hall concept where long tables were used rather than the traditional round ones. We hoped to give our generous donors and supporters attending our Bukit Batok East Charity Dinner 2011 a new experience. The emcees and decorations were done up by our Team BBE grassroots and volunteers. We like to thank Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance and Minister for Manpower as Guest of Honor and Madam Haimah Yacob as Host for the evening. Our deepest appreciation to all donors and supporters in making this fundraising dinner a success.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
BBE Charity Dinner

BBE Charity Dinner 2011

By Alvin / Ronnie & Eric

BBE Zone 3 RC Kampong Nite - 16 October 2011 Sunday

Crowds gathered at Bukit Batok East Point for the first ever Kampong Night in BBE. The site was decorated with pennant flags and there were a variety of stalls lined up by the side of the audience sitting area. There was a scaled-down night market, kampong games like hopscotch, chapteh, five stones and a kacang putih stall. Residents tried playing the various traditional games and were captivated by the various tricks by the balloon man and magician.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Kampong Nite

By Yew Bee & Eric

BBE TCM Health Talk - 2 October 2011 Sunday

Over 200 residents gathered at the BBE CC Hall for a TCM talk on heart issues. Professor Feng Jiayang shared on the various aspects on how to maintain a healthy heart and also answered the various questions that participants raised.

Please click the below link to view the photos:
TCM Health Talk

By Yew Bee & Eric Ng

BBE took part in "The Great Harmony Race" - 8 October 2011 Saturday

The BBE Team, formed by Mr Rahmat, Mdm Ramlah, Mr Manivanan, Mdm Celeka and Mr Li Jiongshen, took part in 'The Great Harmony Race' organised by People's Association Community Engagement Division.
The objective of the event is to promote community engagement and racial harmony.
The team completed all the check points given and had an enjoyable day. Through this event, they learned more about the importance of racial harmony and working together as a team. The team members felt that this is a very meaningful event which they benefited greatly from.

By Li Jiongshen and Eric Ng

HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY - 07 October 2011 Friday

Bukit Batok East Wishing All Childrens, HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY.

Credit to

By Eric Ng

SMRT Service Ambassadors Needed ...

A Community Project supported by Bukit Batok East.

Please click the poster to enlarge.

By Eric Ng

BBE Nature View RC Make & Fly Your Own Kite - 2 October 2011 Sunday

The Nature View RC together with BBE Family Life Champion organized a successful ‘Make and Fly your Own Kite’ event on 2 October 2011 at the Marina Barrage. The weather was cooling when a bus-load full of enthusiastic participants reached the Barrage.
They kicked start the morning with the competition. Participants had to work in team of 2-4 to make and decorate a kite. After an hour, all participants proudly laid their kites at the foyer floor area for all to view. An outsider was invited to be the Judge to ensure fairness and the best three kites were chosen.
Participants were given lunch and each team was rewarded with a new kite that is ready to fly. The roof top of the Barrage was filled with laughter and lively chattering as kites were being flown in the clear blue sky.
The day ended with participants beaming with joy. All went home with different take-away like a kite designed by themselves, a new kite, fond memories and more…

Please click the below link to view the photos:
Make and Fly Your Own Kite

By Jasmine/ Ronnie & Eric